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Is the owner and operator if its own tours, with the suppliers such as hotels or carriers it acts only as agent for the passengers in all matters relating to travel arrangements and for the various companies over the lines of which tickets are available and tours operate. And as such, assumes no responsibility for any delay, change in schedule, loss, injury and damage to, or in respect to any persons or properties however caused or arising in connection with the services of any trains, vehicles, carriers, aircraft, motor or other conveyances or hotel which may use, whether wholly or in part in the performance of its duty to the passengers.


All prices shown are in US Dollars. Prices on our Website should be taken as cost indicators only.

Once you submit a booking inquiry we will try to find the service that is best for you, and get back to you with details for confirmation.


To confirm your order we require your full travel details and a deposit. Once we have processed your inquiry (usually within 24 hours), we will inform you of the deposit status, final date for full payment, and any other necessary details.

If we do not receive your deposit in due course, or you do not make the final payment by the specified date(30 days before arrival), we reserve the right to cancel your travel order and deposits will be forfeited as cancellation fee.


After reservation is confirmed and booked, there won't be any changes in the itinerary, neither by us nor by the customer.


Many operators charge us a cancellation fee – in turn we may refund only part of your deposit or payment in the event of cancellation. FlashTravel will make NO Cash Refunds, since Ecuadorian Gobernment charges a very high fee for money going out of the country. BUT we are flexible, open for changes of dates, names, many ways to help you!

FlashTravel reserves the right to alter prices, itineraries, arrange alternative transportation, accommodations or services, or to cancel bookings, as we deem necessary.

FlashTravel will not be held liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damages resulting from activities under the control of other agents, including but not limited to claims for death, personal injury, machinery breakdown, delays, or additional expenses, which may arise when utilizing a service arranged through us.


All text at our web site and this manual are property of FlashTravel and to use them partially or totally, you need a written permission of FlashTravel. Francisco Jarrín and Alexandra Barragán took all the pictures published during real tours, to copy or use these pictures; you must purchase the copyright from FlashTravel. The suppliers such as Hotels, lodges and yachts provided the promotional pictures as well as their technical information. FlashTravel is not responsible for its accuracy or eventual modifications on the attributes and characteristics.

Hotels rooms and cabin pictures match a given category and are shown only to support information. The assigned rooms at a hotel might not match those in the picture. All pictures have copyrights and they were given to us in order to promote sales to their properties or yachts and they do not compromise FlashTravel in any way.